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So, when we talk about wardrobe essentials, most folks think of basics like white shirts and denim right?

But what about basic jewelry? What will you think of?

Personally, I'd totally vote for pearls. They've been rocking the accessory scene big time in the past couple of years.

Pearl necklaces have become a go-to for celebs and influencers. And then, there's the resurgent pearl earrings trend. The British Royals just can't stop wearing them. They especially seem to love the waterdrop design. ▼ 

royals in pearls

This pair from Artsory features the waterdrop design too.


Pearl earrings have this intense shine that lights up your face, giving it that instant glow and a bit of a brightening effect. ▼

pearl earrings add glow to your face

Here's the thing, though. Even though pearl earrings are a hot fashion item now, a lot of people still don't have them.

Some think these don't match their style, they fear it might make them look too tacky; Some have bought pearl earrings, but they don't know how to style them so they never wear them. 

It's time to break the stereotype of pearl earrings! The current pearl jewelry design is getting more stylish and youthful, and they can mix and match with all sorts of stuff, unlocking some seriously trendy combos.

Different Ways to Rock Pearl Earrings

Now, when we think of pearls, we often picture elegance, right? For those rocking that quiet luxury and elegant vibe, pearls are a must.

Some classic icons: Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly. ▼

pearl jewelrygrace kelly in pearl jewelry

But guess what? Pearls aren't just about elegance anymore. Even the young gals into casual and chic styles love them. Here is Jennie from BLACKPINK wearing a pair of pearl studs.▼

black pink in pearls

This pair from Artsory is perfect for that casual and chic look ▼

If you're all about that casual look with hoodies, throw in some pearl earrings. Casual outfits sometimes lack a bit of flair, but adding those pearls? It just elevates everything without looking too laid-back.

The combo of pearls and a round-neck hoodie is one of the hottest trends in the last couple of years. ▼

hoodie with pearl jewelry

For us busy bees rushing to work, when you're not sure what to throw on, pearls are your besties.

These earrings bring their own elegant, intellectual charm and are perfect for those commute scenes.

On those days when you're rushing out the door for work, just grab those pearls – it is an instant upgrade to your entire wardrobe. Whether it's a shirt, a suit, or any of those formal pieces, you can't go wrong. ▼

office looks with pearls

Pearl earrings are elegant and neat. Go for a pair and you won't need any other bling. It gives off this gentle yet capable vibe. Here is Taylor Swift rocking a pair of pearl drop earrings. ▼

taylor swift in pearls

Selecting the perfect pair of pearl earrings is an art that involves understanding design styles, pearl sizes, earrings' lengths, and materials to complement your overall look.

For a stylish and versatile look, opt for simpler designs – such as a simple drop design like the ones Taylor Swift is wearing. Here is a pair of freshwater pearl drop earrings from Artsory. ▼

The size of the pearls is a key factor that contributes to the overall aesthetic too.

Smaller pearls, such as those found in delicate stud earrings, exude a subtle and refined charm. ▼

office look with small pearls

But sometimes they might seem too boring or make you look too "grandma-ish" if you happen to be wearing very formal outfits for work. The above outfit looked alright because the formalness of the look was mitigated by the long leather skirt. 

So actually, if you worry about looking a bit old-fashioned with those small pearls, opt for a bigger pearl size for your choice of earrings, they are a lot more stylish and actually more versatile. Pairing them with a formal look won't go wrong.▼

Check out the difference – big pearls really stand out! Especially for folks with square or diamond-shaped faces, if you opt for a pair of pearl studs, anything below 10mm might not show much from the front. But the ones larger than 13mm will actually make your face look slimmer ▼

pearl sizes

These two pair of pearl earrings from Artsory features the same design in two pearl size options: 

This pair features a 8mm pearl 

This pair features a 13.5mm pearl in the baroque shape 

Now that we've finished talking about selecting pearls based style and pearl sizes, we'll let you shop around in our store. Read our blogs to find styling inspirations for pearl earrings and more fun things!

Shop all pearl jewelry here: Artsory Pearl Jewelry Collection

I bet lots of you have already grabbed a pair. Drop a comment and let me know which ones are your favorite. And feel free to share your gorgeous pearl earring styling inspirations with us!


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