Hey fashion aficionados! Now that we've dipped our toes into 2024, I've been scheming up the ultimate game plan for elevating our style game. And guess what's stealing the spotlight in my fashion playbook?

Yup, you guessed it – pearl earrings!

Here are 3 styling formulas you can totally steal!

Formula 1- Pearl earrings + pearl pendant necklace

Some friends have mentioned that after grabbing those big pearl earrings, the challenge isn't the clothes but the other accessories.

Pearl earrings + beaded pearl necklaces are frequently styled together for that quiet luxury elegant look▼

However, you really need to pair the above combo with some bold colors and bold design outfits so they don't look tacky or "grandma-ish".

A safer and more fashionable pairing combo is actually pearl earrings + pearl necklaces with pendants. That way even beaded pearl necklaces still look super stylish.▼

pair with pearl necklace

Here are some beautiful pearl pendant necklace options from Artsory ▼

The key to pairing with a pearl necklace is actually to have fewer pearls on the necklace for a chic, statement look. The below options feature a simpler pendant design to avoid that tacky look▼


Formula 2- Pearl earrings + 18k Necklaces with pearl elements

For an alluringly luxurious look, 18k necklaces are the perfect option. They really bring out the radiant beauty of pearls. 

The secret is to still keep some of the pearl elements on the necklace to match with the earrings for a cohesive and elegant ensemble. ▼

Formula 3- Pearl earrings + Nylon Cord Necklaces

Are you one of the super cool girls who only wear black and white? Pearl earrings are also for you!

To achieve that cool look, simply pair the pearl earrings with a Nylon cord necklace. No matter how delicate or elegant those pearl earrings appear, the necklace will mitigate the look, and the white luster of the pearls will actually bring out that hipness of yours. ▼

This nylon cord necklace from Artsory added the 14k gold elements and a mother-of-pearl pendant for an extra slick look ▼

And this one with a labradorite pendant is even cooler. Imagine pairing them with a pair of long pearl drop earrings! You will be that fashionista everyone turns heads to. ▼

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